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Injection Mold vs Compression Mold Fairing Kit

When purchasing a motorcycle fairing kit, it is good to know how the kit you are buying is made. There are two common molding methods for fairing kits; Injection Mold and Compression Mold. It is very important to understand the difference between the two methods and its impact on the quality of motorcycle fairing kit you are purchasing.

Injection Molds are created from precise measurements of the OEM fairings. Then ABS plastic is melted and forced into the mold and is kept under pressure until it cools. All the fasteners, holes and cut-outs are completed during the molding phase allowing for perfect fitment.

On the other hand, during compression molding the plastic is pre-heated and placed into the mold. The compression mold is then closed, and pressure is applied while the mold cools down. Once the fairing component is removed from the mold the extra plastic is removed from around the edges and holes are drilled by workers after the cool down process. The most common issue with compression molding is aligning the holes and fasteners correctly. It is very common for installers to need to elongate holes and/or move fasteners and re-glue to make the fairings fit properly.

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